mercredi 5 octobre 2016

Working on oDesk Platform for Outsourcing.

ODesk is a service on the Internet that can be described as a huge market online. Rent on oDesk  we have the other side of the world and make it a partner. Working Group is possible thanks to the platform technologies of subcontracting implemented for anglophones manage the. Full access to the capabilities of people  which could be useful on a daily basis. On oDesk as a lyricist  translator  here's my impressions.

The oDesk service

Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis initiated it now in California eight years ago. The name describes the purpose of the service: Office Online (office) with the logo in the form of a screen. The service works on a principle free hit for employers and throws and it includes workers from the 4 corners of the Earth of their technical talent on the platform. The fact that the service is able to perpetuate the idea of the strength of oDesk team. He is a master in this area and the platform has its superiority on the excellence of his work for one year. It is first people of the Web  developers  Web designers  programmers  editors... but it's still "technical." 'You won't find social or d' 'artistic '.


The service structure is complex and well documented.
If register and complete a profile is strong enough secure access with password security... in English will be. Add a photo to this profile is of course necessary and a small text and custom description: for example I 'friendly lyricist.
In this profile  you specify how you are hourly services  feel free to fix it  you decide how much time to devote to this work on the Web... And you start...
Aptitude tests
Describe your skills  certainly  but it also recommended testing with a time limit  is published in your professions and it is to improve your image. (If the results are good of course!) In addition  the increase of job opportunities that you can answer 2 when logging allows these tests  they pass at 15:00 with two tries. So I have the test online article writing and blogging test (U.S. version) in 12 minutes  a French grammar test  a test of correction of texts in Drupal (why not eh?) It was not so bad!)
The interest of this test lies in the fact that it sharpens the sense of competition: they belong to the 10%.


At the end of your service  you must practice a difficult evaluation in the setting of your future  if negative will weigh in particular prevent and higher rates. Prices are also very varied and are starting to go to $5 per hour for writing of up to $ 40/50 for Web development. The price of 27 dollars (less than 10% Commission platform) was part of the expensive services service compared to others... In addition  also amazing how French spelling their gains something over $ 10 on an hourly basis!
I had to find a lot of trouble not offers  but to see a signed contract: a lot of "employers" try to work "to assess the competencies" for nothing  officially. Prices are for many students at the end! Loss of time  but without Cotrepartie financial .

jeudi 22 septembre 2016

Make money with Clickbank do 500$ per month ?

Make money from home working in our effort to always new methods  a method that should appeal to the largest number is to offer today. Namely through ClickBank  possible win 500$ a month or more if it brings energy and especially time.

In 1998  ClickBank developed a concept something nice that you win money  which can sell your own products  and especially the part that will be of interest to us  through the promotion of specific products. But  as you are accustomed to  already present before the method step by step how you can win 500$ per month with ClickBank explain.

Win 500$ a month with ClickBank  is possible!
ClickBank is the global membership.not for nothing the webmaster appreciate especially this platform that can easily win 500$ a month. Is  say  with a catalog of more than 40 000 products of all kind  there's that promote.

However  if ClickBank is also is unanimously recognized and known by those services  offering  helps to develop a close relationship between suppliers and partners. Indeed the two entities can easily put is in contact  which can facilitate the promotion of the subsidiary company of the product to the seller. Implicitly  to further understand that ClickBank provides money in two ways:
During of the seller: you is the creator of a product but problems always go through marketing for cost reasons  why not try put sale in ClickBank. To do this create a seller  place your product in the platform and tell how much offer Commission to affiliates who sold. Then  do not have this wait an or more than 150 000 you partner site promoting your product and direct sales to start to gain benefits. By any way ClickBank  which will allow you a real network of sales by the Commission to promote and sell your product have paid
his partner: partner supporting products in the ClickBank catalog available. For this reason  all means are good  that the ultimate goal is to buy the product that fits your income and earn 500$ a month until the user. Don't forget that you will be paid when a sale is made by a Committee which we you up to 75% of the selling price of the product (on the border of $150 can offer).

It proposed affiliate program also by the ClickBank  will be subject to our tips to help maximize your sales.
Win 500$ on the month with ClickBank?
After a brief introduction  we show what ClickBank is that you step by step how you use this platform to make money and try to maximize their revenue.

Step 1: Create an account from ClickBank

Is the first step for the beginners in the program of the subsidiary companies offered to follow through ClickBank. To do this  go to the page of the fill out the form as a member (not seller beware). Ensure that specific about their data  and select the name of a user's neutral. Select you by a nickname ridiculous serve as an obstacle to the purchase of some users really there remember that your user name will be for potential buyers is visible  but also to the seller of the product  do not appreciate it  is linked to their product with a negative image.

Step 2: Select the ClickBank product right  that you would like to apply

Now  that ClickBank an essential step in improving their income points are registered in: the choice of products to promote.
To do this  we have on the market discover  go to sell our catalog of products. Honestly  you have already one or more Web sites that download to the products on the same subject belong to focus. His experience in this topic can certainly help sell the product.

If  on the other hand not Web pages  we invite you  consult the statistics of the individual products that are available on the market. To see which users and no takers are popular. These statistics  knowledge of the markets  but also the percentage of the Commission that must come from offered the seller selection .

mardi 6 septembre 2011

Earn Money Online By Working for Google

Earn money online by working for Google is simple and easy because you do not invest any money at all. You will get a free job to work on your flexible time and day. All you work will be done from home so you do not worry about traveling anywhere else. Working from home has been popular in the last few years when the Internet market booming in Western countries as well as Asian countries. Consumers buy thing on the Internet instead of going to the stores because of its convenience and ease. So, your job is to promote these stores and earn money from valid clicks that consumers click from your websites. You will earn up to $10.00 or more per valid click so you can make thousands of dollars a month easily.
Thousands of webmasters quit their daytime jobs to work full time only when they earn enough money online. They prefer to work for themselves instead of working for somebody else, and have their boss look on their back all the time. Working on the Internet has been famous in America and other countries. You can read our resources and other articles to learn more about making money on line. You do not need to be expert in web design or development to work from home. All you need is the patience and diligent mind of work to continue work while learn. The more you work online is the better and more you will learn from your failure. You will succeed if you try hard enough by working for Google.
does not require you to have a diploma or any certificates or degree. You can work on Google at anytime and any place you like. You will never loose anything when working online, except your time. There is no fee to start your job. There are many millionaires on the Internet who started out as you. They have not have any experience as you now. What they had is the patience to work for low extra monthly income, then move up with big money. What they had is to learn from their failure and work to learn. They work hard and they work smart to earn what they have right now. You can work and learn as them and you may be more successful than them. You can be a billionaire by working on net.
How to make money online is the question that all of us want to know. There is no secret for making online money. You will get free tips of how to earn online money. Some webmasters sell out their secrets for some money. You can buy these tips to learn of making Internet income. I have not bought any books but I spend my time in searching for good tips and apply them myself. I think the webmasters combine their knowledge and other resources to create a book and sell it out. So, their labor can charge money when they sell their books out. Anyway, you should take an action now by working online for Google and start making money in your free time. You should not wait any longer. Your opportunity is awaited.
Below are the steps you need to do:
  • Sign up for Google AdSense program
  • Create a blog and/or a website to promote these AdSense ads
  • Post some articles on your blog and/or websites
  • Post your articles on Social Bookmarking sites
  • Promote your blog and/or websites as many as possible
  • Start making money

Tips To Earn Extra Money & Income Online

There are many tips to earn extra money online these days because we all live on this Internet world. The electronic world has helped us to make money online easily by promoting big companies. They make money and we make money. We do not earn as much as them but enough to cover our lifestyle. On average, you spend about two hours a day online, you can earn probably $1000 in the first month, $5000 a month one year later, and $10,000 a month five years later. Some people make more than that amount because they are smarter or work harder than you. We just point out the number so you can estimate how much you make to earn extra cash in your free time, instead of watching TV shows, you make money online.
You do not need to be a webmaster or web developer who must know how to create a website. You can create a blog using Wordpress or Blogger without knowing web skills. You should know how to write an article to advertise your blog. This is one of the best method to get traffic for your web site. You write articles and submit them to social bookmarking sites, article directories, and any other places. If you article gets 1000 readers, they go to your website, you can think how much you earn for just $.50 per click. You can get $500 easily a day if you get 1000 clicks. You can think about it thouroughly and when you understand it, you will become a millionaire. It is just about working hard to gain experience from it.
Earn money money by working for Google is another example. Hundreds of thousands of online webmasters sign up for Google AdSense programs to make money online. This is the easiest way for making online money by working for Google. You earn by click from visitors to your website. Please do not click on your own ad, otherwise, Google will ban your account off. So, every affiliate program you sign up with, you must follow their tos. This is the most important online rule you must do. Don’t try to break their rules because you will not get away from it. They pay to good money for promoting their business, you must follow their rules. You should be fine to earn big money online.
When working online, you must investigate which method to use. The best online money making method is Google AdSense affiliate profile that they pay you for each unique click from your website. The more traffic you have, then the more clicks you earn. You can make a lot of money online for free using this way because you do not cost anything. So, starting creating a blog and write some articles that you are good at. You post these articles on your blog and submit them to social bookmarking services. You keep doing like this for about one month, you will see that the best possible results. The longer you do, the more customers accumulated on your website so the more money you make online. Read these free tips to earn extra income is the start.

Google AdSense Revenue To Earn Money Online

Google AdSense revenue program is the best one which has helped thousands of online webmasters to earn extra income every month. To work online, you can do in your free time, a few hours a week. This is the best part of working online with Google AdSense program. You may get confused about this program if you have never heard it before. Basically, you earn for every valid click from your websites. The more clicks that your users click on, the more income you earn. So, the more traffic your website is, the more money you make every day. If you put your imagination for about 100 clicks a day, you will make about $50, which equals to $1500 a month in your extra income. Is this wonderful? Yes, it is.
There are many online webmasters who became millionaire by using Google AdSense as their strategy to make money online. It does not matter where you come from, you can sign up with this program. It opens to a lot of different languages. It means that your websites in different language rather than English is ok to sign up with this program. Please check on Google AdSense in your language to make sure it supports. If you website is written in Russian, then you can place your ad in Russian, rather than in English. Making online money by working for Google is the best method for webmasters so far. There is no other affiliate program can compare with this. You can become a millionaire in the future.
Google AdSense program does not get you rich in a short time. You need to understand that time and strategy you put on your websites will make you rich fast or slow. Generally speaking, your websites have more good traffic, your earning from Google AdSense is higher. There are other programs such as ClickBank, CJ, Yahoo, none of these can compare with Google affiliate program. If you do not know how to create a website, then you should use the bloggers or wordpress to create a site yourself. Then, you sign up with AdSense program and go from there. Thousands of webmasters on line quit their daytime job to work full time on e-commerce web sites. They make tons of money and they are their own boss.
As we live on this Internet century, it is easy and simple to work online to earn Google AdSense money. You do not have to spend the investment money upfront. You earn money online without any investment at all. You just use your hard work to make it happen. You may spend a few hours a week. In order to work for Google AdSense program, you need to follow their policy. Please do not try to click on your own ads, you will be banned off their program. You can not tell others people like friends or relatives to click on your ads, you will be banned too. So, please follow the Google AdSense terms of use (tos) to for a long term. Good luck and please comment on this blog after you succeed in this program.
If you are confused, then please ask post your question (s) below, I ‘ll answer as soon as possible.

How To Make Money With Google AdSense

How to make money with Google AdSense has become a well-known topic among online webmasters. Google AdSense program is one of the most easiest ways to earn money online without any investment. You only need a few hours a day to create a blog or website, find ways to get traffic, and your traffic will turn into income.
Google is considered the largest search engine on the Web today. However, many people don’t know that Google is also the revenue source for thousands of online webmasters these days. Some of them started as part time jobs and many quit their daytime jobs to work full time online, where they earn a great amount of money monthly, certainly, more than what they earn on their regular job. You can read more about how to earn money online by Google AdSense on this link,
All you need is to get traffic on your website or blog, the more is the better. You then can sign up for Google AdSense account and place the codes on your website or blog. Please read their terms of use or policies to avoid getting banned from Google. You can place text links, images, banners, or videos on your site. This code will be targeted automatically by your website content. For example, if your blog is about how to buy cheap auto insurance in Las Vegas, then you will see all related AdSense ads on your site. Every time a user clicks on any of these ads, you make money from Google AdSense ad. There are premium keywords that will return more revenue so the rate per click is different from each key word. You can check your earning on Google anytime. Google will send you a check or transfer in your bank account when your total earning is at least $100.
Make money by working for Google is not easy but not too hard. It requires you to be patient at the first few months and your money will come as your website traffic increases. Google company money from advertising from billions of advertisers every month. When a visitor clicks on the ad from your web site or blog, you may earn $1.75 per click, in which, Google earns some percentage on this click from the advertiser. When you search online about how webmasters making tons of money by working with Google AdSense, that is true. However, some webmasters use the terms like “how to become a millionaire in 7 days”, is not really true. Working online for Google requires the traffic that webmasters get every day, constantly.
The earning rate is different from each webmaster. Some people may make $10,000 a day but some just make $100 a day. What you need to do now is to sign up with the program and put a few ads on your website and blog. Then, you advertise your web site by submitting to social bookmarking sites and web directories. Remember, the more traffic you have is the more money you make on Google Avenue.
Working online for Google is becomming popular, why don’t you take action today. You can earn extra income from Google AdSense easily without any investment upfront. It is recommended you start by working a few hours in the evenings or weekends, after you earn more than what you earn on your daytime job, then you can work full time online. Good luck!

How To Get Traffic To Your Website or Blog

Over 8 years of running commercial websites to work online for Google and other affiliate programs, I like to show you free ways of how to get traffic to your website or blog. Many webmasters think having a website with beautiful design is all they need to attract surfers. However, their concepts are only 10% right. The other 90% of getting website traffic takes hard work and diligence and time. The answer is simple. You must tell people about your website or blog. You must advertise the site to surfers so they know about it.

How To Get Traffic To Your Website
You might already know about how to design your website or blog to get fresh content, title and mega tags with keyword-rich contents. For example, for my website, my title is “How To Make Money Online”, meta tags I put “make money working for Google, earn money with Google, making money with Google AdSense, etc.”
Some people spend tons of dollars to advertise on Google AdWords or Yahoo Searches, I want to show you free tips for getting traffic without costing you a cent.
  1. Submit your website or blog to search engines. Don’t submit too many times a month because you may get banned from it. Some of popular search engines you may submit to are: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Alexa, and so on. You can search on Google to get more search engines. Working online for Google and other affiliates require your patience, diligence, and time.
  2. Submit your website or blog to link directories. These web directories you can find either online or at forums like DigitalPoint forum. Make short titles before you submit. For example, I make a title for my site to submit to link directories as “How To Make Money Online”.
  3. Submit your website or blog to social networking sites such as Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Mixx, etc. Don’t submit many links on one of your site to these social networking sites a day, you may get banned.
  4. Write articles and submit them to article directories. You will get at least 2 or 3 links at the author’s area.
    Update your blog or website with new content/pages at least weekly. Search engines like fresh content.
These are free ways to get traffic on my websites and blogs, other webmasters may have some other ways. That is how I did every day, week, month, year to get traffic on my sites. Remember, you can’t get traffic overnight. It takes time, diligence, and hard work when you work online from home.
Good luck!

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